LED Bulb Suited for Projector Headlight

Sep 5,2019    Lilian Cason

Now most of the new cars are equipped with projector headlight, so as headlight bulb manunfactuer, CARSON LED Headlight Factory also meet the trend and develop some right bulb to the market.

Comparing with reflector headlight, more and more projector headlights are becoming smaller, like 2inch, 2.5inch, 3inch, especially the inside space smaller. Therefore, the first requirement to bulb is slim and small size, it cannot be too long or too big, or it cannot put the bulb in.

Because with the lens, the projector headlight will have perfect cut off and good focus, but the lens will weaken the light. Therefore, there is a requirement on the bulb power. It should be at least over 25W per bulb. Now some headlight enthusiast also look for over 40W bulb in projector headlight.

Generally speaking, the small size or 1:1 size and high power LED bulb can suit for most projector headlight use. And now CARSON LED Headlight factory is developing some mini size high power LEDs to the market. 

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