Why Are the LED Headlights in Different Prices? (1)

May 1,2018    Lilian Carson

LED CHIP is the key part of the LED headlight, which affects the headlight quality directly. LED chips have different brands, different packaging process and different sizes; all above will influence the cost. Next, let us go to further details one by one.


--Imported LED chips will be in a much higher cost, like US CREE chips, Netherlands Philips(Lumileds, ZES), these two are common used in LED headlight because they have the latest technology and stable quality.

--Local Chinese LED chips will be cheaper, some local big companies’ chips also very good quality since they also have strong R&D team. So now, most Chinese factories are using the local brands chips. Do not say no when hearing CHIPS MADE IN CHINA, they can be a good option also because it is Cost-Effective. However, try to choose the reliable factory; some may use small company’s LED chips to cut down the cost, whose quality may be unstable and easy to broken.


CSP & COB are the most popular LED packaging profess in LED headlights light source.

--CSP (Chip Scale Package) is hot in recent headlight market, which is slim and thin, with better thermal performance and higher lumens. It is a good thing but its materials cost is high and now still do not have cheaper replaceable material.

--COB (Chip On Board) is a mature technology. Cheap cost is the biggest advantages. Flip COB is the latest technology. Traditional COB is with gold wires in both sides and hard to further cut down the cost. Flip COB is a new trend since it offers a better cost space; also, it has better thermal performance than the traditional one. However, in general, COB chips is inferior to CSP LED in light gathering.


Even in the same brand same packaging process, the cost will be different if the chips are in different sizes. For example, CREE XHP70 is 7*7mm per pc, CREE XHP50 is 5*5mm per pc, XHP70 is more expensive than XHP50. Of course, XHP70 is higher power. Also, CSP 1919 is more expensive than CSP 1616. Generally, the bigger size, the better power and higher cost.

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