Why Are the LED Headlights in Different Prices?(2)

May 8,2018    Lilian Carson

LED can work only with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and driver, The PCB material is divided into three types: FR-4, CEM-1/3, FR-1. The process also different, like single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, bare copper, tin-plating and so on. Different materials and processes will affect the quality of the later welding. The welding process and materials also affect the stability and longevity of the product, which also causes a large difference in product prices.

As a buyer, you may hard to tell how a good PCB or how a good driver is because they are inside the lamps. You only need to know one thing: the same LED headlight model with same LED chips may in different prices because their PCBs or drivers are different. So there is why there are so many C6 S1 X3 in the market, they looks the same, but different suppliers may offer different price, of course, different quality. Don't only judge from the appearance and price, there are some key parts you cannot see by eyes, it will be better to test a sample and then make a judgment.

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