Why Are the LED Headlights in Different Prices? (3)

May 15,2018    Lilian Carson

Different body materials may lead to different price

--Body materials: high-density aviation aluminum is not easily deformed and good for heat dissipation. Cheap aluminum is easy to be scratched; making the headlight looks very cheap.

--Socket materials: aluminum sockets & PC sockets. Aluminum socket is a little higher cost. PC sockets has to be heat resistant. Some factories use the normal PC as the socket to save the cost, so the sockets maybe deformed after long time using.

--Wire materials: wire also need to be heat resistant. And wire can be divided into 2-pins, 3-pins, 4-pins, 6-pins. Different pins different cost.

--With fan or not: with fan can help LED-cooling, fan also have different types. A quiet and good performance double ball bearing fan must be expensive than the noisy fan.


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