About the Power of LED headlights

Feb 1,2019    Eric

LED headlight is getting more and more popular in recent years because it is bright, instant start, longer life span and more environmentally friendly.


Usually the traditional halogen headlight is 55W/bulb, xenon HID bulb is 35W-55W/bulb. Then how about the LED headlight? Also, need to be 55W bulb?

 Firstly, let us compare the Luminous Efficiency of these three light source:

{Luminous efficacy is a measure of how well a light source produces visible light. It is the ratio of luminous flux to power, measured in lumens per watt in the International System of Units (SI).} 


Halogen: 22lm/w

HID: 90lm/w

LED: 100-200lm/w


Luminous flux= Luminous Efficiency * Power Rating



Per halogen bulb is 22lm/w*55w=1210lm

Per HID bulb is 90lm/w*35w=3150lm


Halogen bulb is being phased out because its light is too weak, low lumens even in high power rating, which is not safe when driving at dark. HID is bright enough, so about 3000lm is good for seeing clearly at night. Then we come to LED, 3000lm/150lm/w=20W. That is, 20W per bulb is already sufficient for LED headlight.


Of course, LED chips have different types different brands, so it may have different luminous efficiency. But generally, it ranges from 100lm/w to 200lm/w. Therefore, LED headlight bulb power range form 20W-30W will be the best option for reflector headlight. If for projector headlight, power can be a little higher, 25-40W will be better.


Is LED headlight the brighter the better?


The higher power, the more heat, but the lamp body and fan cannot dissipate too much heat, so it will be easier to damage if a bulb over 45W. Also, when a lamp really over 45W, higher risk higher cost.


If it is too much bright, it will blind the oncoming drivers and pedestrians, which is quite dangerous. In addition, in some countries, the law not allow to use high bright headlight. LED headlight is to help us see the road clearly, is for safety, that is our original intention. As the professional LED headlight factory, Guangzhou Carson Auto Parts Co., Ltd always attaches great importance on the safety when develops and manufacturers the LED headlights bulbs, supplying the bright and safe car bulbs to customers.

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