What is CANBUS Error?

Apr 23,2019    Lilian Carson

The CAN bus Error Problem: 

As a driver, you might experience a CAN bus error when you install an aftermarket electronic device in the car. This often happens when you install a traditional aftermarket part on a CAN bus supported vehicle. The communication system fails. For example, you replace the regular halogen headlight with LED; the car computer will show an error or the light bulb will keep flashing. This is your vehicle indicating a CAN bus error. 

How to Solve the CAN bus Error?

If you are experiencing the CAN bus error as you upgrade your headlight to LED, you have two solutions. You can either purchase the build-in CAN bus LED headlights or install a decoder. 

1. CAN bus LED Headlights

These LED headlights are directly compatible with the CAN bus system. If you install these, there is no need for an extra part to make them work properly with the vehicle. They can be installed without an error message for both the reverse and license plate lights.

The CAN bus-supported LED headlights work on the base of their built-in CAN bus controllers. These controllers increase the wattage of the of the LED bulbs to the level of regular filament bulbs. This function will trick the car computer to believe that the new headlights are compatible with the vehicle just like the ones installed by the manufacturer. This effectively eliminates the error message. Additionally, you will also enjoy a bright light output.

 2. The CAN bus Decoder

If you think buying the directly compatible CAN bus LED headlights is not a feasible solution, you can install a decoder. This will be an additional part to your regular LED headlights.

You might want to get the extra decoder if the following problems persist with your car after an LED headlight installation:

  • The bulbs keep flashing when you try to switch on the bulbs;
  •  The car’s computer system keeps indicating an error;
  • The bulbs stay lit for a while even after you have switched them off;
  • The bulbs give off a dim light unlike the bright throw of LEDs;

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