Fan & Fanless LED Headlight, which one is better?

May 25,2019    Melisa

LED headlight is getting more and more popular in recent years. Also it comes a lots of different designs, for example, it has fan or fanless construction. So, which bulbs are better? Let us consider pros and cons of both constructions, so that you could determine, which ones to consider for your market.


#With FAN

Leds that come equipped with fan use active cooling. It means that fan rotates and reduces heat.



LEDs without fan (fanless) is passive cooling, feature either braided heat sinks, or get cooled by means of internal drivers.


1.      About the weather:

In the extremely cold weather, the lubricating oil of fan may solidified, so the fan did not work. However, the LEDs still produce heat; in this construction, the LEDs may easy damage.

In the extremely cold weather, the passive cooling way is not enough to radiate the LEDs’ heat because the environment is also too much hot.


2.      About the power:

LEDs with higher power will produce more heat, fanless is passive cooling, and cannot eliminate the heat quickly. So fanless type LEDs usually cannot be over 25W per bulb, or it will be easy to broken.


Judged from our marketing experience, fanless LED is more popular in the high latitude countries because of the cold weather, like the Russia, Canada and Norway. For the countries near the equator, they prefer the fan LEDs more.We should choose the right model based on the market requirement, not simply say with fan or fanless is good or not.

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