How to differentiate 9005 and 9006?

May 28,2019    Eric

We noticed that in Google Search there are many end users asking what is the difference between 9005 and 9006 LED headlight bulbs.

In halogen lamp, it is easier to tell 9005 and 9006 because 9005 is no coating, while 9006 is with coating.


However, in LED headlight bulbs, they looks almost the same, same size, same shape and same connector. How to differentiate them? See the below pictures and you will find the answer.


Yes, the major difference is the socket. No matter halogen lamp or LED lamp, they follow the same international standard in socket. There is one foot in the socket which is in different direction. From top view, 9006’s smallest foot is in clockwise, while 9005’s is in counterclockwise.


PS: HB3=9005=H10; HB4=9006


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