Why C6 is Abandoned by the Market Gradually?

Jun 8,2019    Eric

C6, born in 2016, is the representative of the first generation LED headlight bulbs. Undoubtedly, C6 is a revolutionary product, LED light source, all in one design, and good looking. Therefore, it is very popular once it is introduced to the market, from China market to global market. If you are in the LED headlight business, it is believed that you know about C6 or saw this model before.

Later, some customers find it hard to get profit in C6 because everyone is selling C6. So they come up a solution—changing the box and change the name, call it C7 C8 C9... Many buyers custom their own box to make it looks different from others, so they can sell different price.

However, this kind of trick was quickly debunked because C6’s looking is too much easy to remember.Then the market start the price war, everyone want to attract customer through lower price. How to make the price lower? Change the materials! All use the cheaper one, the LED chips, the aluminum, the fans and so on. With 2 years of price war, now the C6 price is already in the bottom. Moreover, the quality, already totally different from the original one. They can only ensure it can light up when install it, but nobody knows how long it can work or it is bright enough for driving.

Because of the unstable quality, C6 reputation become worse. Customer cannot use it after install it or too easy to damage. Those who importing the C6 even lost money and lost customers' trust, which is a very bad experience.

Another point, as we said at the beginning, C6 is the first generation of LED headlight. Therefore, there is also some defects. The biggest defect is that the size is not 1:1 design as the halogen lamp, which resulted in two problems. First, the size too big, cannot install in some cars with projector lens or the dust cover cannot close, which is very inconvenient for customers. Second, the light is not focus and have shadow, especial when using in reflector headlight, the light is divergent, that’s, it looks bright outside the car, but cannot see the road clearly when driving. When developed C6, the engineers still lack of experience on LED headlight bulb, so still not aware of how to make the lights more focus.

Another point, the power—C6 36W per pair, 18W per bulb, and use COB chips. The power and lumens is quite low when comparing with other new models. Now most customer prefer higher power one (25W-40W per bulb), and CSP or ZES chips.

In conclusion, C6 was a good product in 3 years ago. But with price decreasing, C6 quality become worse. Also with the technology fast development in recent years, C6 cannot meet most customers’ requirement. There are many other better LED headlights in the market like F2, U6, K11 and so on. To win the market and satisfy the end-users' needs, many buyers choose some new good quality models. All what happened is like an old saying goes: Survival of the fittest.

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