Frequent Ask Question on LED Headlights

Dec 12,2018    Lilian Carson

Q1. What is single beam? What is Hi/Lo beam?

A1. Single beam means only one light beam, can only use as high beam or low beam. It needs two pairs of separate light bulb for one car’s headlight system, one pair for high beam and another pair for low beam. (Except for dual-light projector headlight)

Hi/Lo beam means with 2 light beams, can use as high beam and low beam. Therefore, it only need one pair light bulb for headlight system.

Q2. Which socket is single beam and which is Hi/Lo beam?

A2. -Single beam: H1 H3 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H16 H27 880 881 9005 9006 9012

   - Hi/Lo beam: H4 H13 HB2 9003 9004 9007 9008

Q3. Which sockets are most popular?

A3. H4 H11 H7 9005 9006 are frequent ordered sockets for wholesaler, but some will make a little change based on different markets.

Q4. Are single beam and Hi/Lo beam same price?

A4. Hi/lo beam’s manufacturing cost is higher because it needs more LED chips and the driver is more complicated. Therefore, Hi/lo beam’s factory price is 1-3USD higher than the single beam. However, some customers also feedback that they sell same price for all sockets to easy manage the price. That is also right because wholesaling and retailing have higher profit than factory, their profit can cover 1-3USD price difference. But as factory, low profit, so there will be different price.

Q5. Is H8 H9 H11 same in LED headlight?

A5. Yes. H8=H9=H11, HB3=9005=H10, HB4=9006, 5202=H16, H27=880=881, HB2=H4=9003, HB1=9004, HB5=9007

Q6. Is it each model with all the sockets?

Q6. Yes, each model can make into all sockets, but some new model may only have some popular sockets because the mold cost high, will not open all the molds at the beginning.

Q7. What is the most popular color temperature?

A7. Natural white 6000K is the most common used color, comfortable for driving. In addition, 6000K is easy to get it, 4300K or 3000K usually need to meet the MOQ and custom it.

Q8. Is it illegal to use LED headlight?

A8. No. LED is different with HID, when you replace the halogen bulb with LED bulb, you do not need to damage the headlight structure, only change the light source, which is legal. But in some countries, using super high power bulb in reflector headlight is banned because it may influence the other drivers, which is not safe. And blue and red color LED are also banned.

Q9. There are many different models in the market, how should make the option?

A9: Different models have different advantages; there is no perfect model, only the suitable model. We should choose the right model based on your company’s marketing strategies and local market demand.

Q10. What is the minimum order quantity of CARSON LED Headlight Factory?

A10. If choose our standard goods (standard box, standard color), MOQ 50sets(1 CTN), but of course, the higher quantity you order, the higher discount you can enjoy. Also, sample could be supported. If want custom your own logo, MOQ is 1000sets for each model.

Q11. How is CARSON LED Headlight Factory's delivery time?

A11. Samples: 2-5 days after receiving payment.

Bulk order: 7-15 days after receiving the payment.

Q12. How to make the payment to CARSON LED Headlight Factory?

A12. Bank Transfer, Western Union, PayPal, Wechat or Alipay wallet are acceptable. You can pay USD or RMB.

Q13. What is the payment term?

A13. 100% Prepayments or 30% deposit 70% before delivery.

Q14. How about the shipping?

A14. Can arrange shipment to you by DHL/TNT/FedEx/UPS/EMS/DPEX, by air or by sea. Will recommend the cheapest and safest way to you based on your order.

Q15.What is the warranty for LED headlight?

A15. 1 year warranty, free replacement in 1 year if quality problem.

Q16. Why choose CARSON LED Headlight Factory?

A16. CARSON LED Headlight Factory offers you the latest technology products in headlight field so you can beat your competitors. With our own factory, we source all the materials directly and use the famous brand chips; we can support you the quality guarantee and competitive price. In addition, quick response, short lead-time and professional before & after sales service also our strengths. 

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