NEW ARRIVAL- D Series LED Headlight

Sep 28,2019    Emily

Many customers complain that their cars are using D series HID headlight, it is very complicated and high cost when upgrading to LED headlight. To solve this headache problem, we develop D series LED headlight, which can replace the original D series bulb easily.


  1. 5530 latest CSP LED source, high luminous efficiency, brighter than HID;
  2. All in one standard design, easy to install, cost saving;
  3. Double ball bearing fan, good cooling, longer life span;
  4. Built-in CABUSA, no error;

With this D series, now all cars have fast way to upgrade the car lighting system to LED lighting, that means car lights enter real LED era. Contact CARSON LED Headlight Factory, try the latest D Series LED headlight in your market, most BMW, VW, and Buick will like it. 

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