How to Upgrade Car Headlight?

Aug 31,2019    Lilian Carson

Nobody likes eye strain while driving in the dark. The scenario of driving in a storm with rain lashing down and very little headlight visibility isn’t a situation that’s ever one to be desired. Upgrading your headlight bulbs can make all the difference between spotting hazards earlier while also keeping you more alert thanks to less eye strain.


So how to upgrade your car headlight? Below are some suggestions on some frequently asked questions.


Q1: Can we upgrade the headlight bulbs directly from halogen to LED in projector headlight?

A1: Yes, all CARSON LED Headlight bulbs are standard design, plug and play, and non-destructive installation. The light emitting point and adapter 1:1 as original halogen bulb.

Q2: Can the new LED headlight bulbs fit for the headlight projector?

A2: Choose the right LED headlight bulbs based on your projector size will be no problem. Now CARSON LED Headlight factory most new products are designed for projector headlight use, for example N3 LED Headlight, K9 LED headlight, slim and mini size design.

Q3: Can we upgrade the headlight bulbs directly from halogen to LED in reflector headlight?

A3: Yes, you can choose some good quality LED headlight bulbs with perfect cutting line and good focus. Or choose some LED headlight bulbs with lens. But remember don't choose the cheap COB LED Headlight for reflector headlight, COB source is astigmatic, will blind the oncoming cars. Also don’t choose the supper high power headlight for reflector headlight, it is a nightmare for the oncoming cars and passengers.


Q4: Can we upgrade the reflector halogen headlight to projector LED headlight?

A4: Yes, that is 100% sure that projector headlight is better than reflector headlight on the driving experience. Upgrading the reflector headlight to projector headlight is the best way to improve the lights.

Q5: What kind of headlight projector are suggested?

A5: CARSON LED Headlight factory developed a new headlight projector with built-in LED source, which is high power and easy to replace. If you interested, welcome to contact +8618022412032 or More products details will be sent.

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