Why LED Headlights Need Aging Test?

Jun 6,2020    Ana Wu

The product quality theory turns out that most of the product failures occur in the early stages and final stages. The final stage failures usually cannot be controlled because of the normal lifespan, but the initial stage can be controlled and can be controlled within the factory. That is, before delivering the LED headlights to customers, conducting a full AGING TEST is necessary, which helps to remove the defective products, ensuring customers will receive 100% good quality LED headlights bulbs.


The purpose of aging test

--Quality control, prevent dead lights, dark lights, flashing, color cast and other undesirable phenomena;

--Quality assurance, ensure stable performance;


The environmental requirements of aging test

--Temperature of 20 ℃ -35 ℃, the humidity of 55% -95%


The test tool of aging test

--Aging rack


The processing time of aging test

--3 hours


No matter how urgent the lead-time, CARSON led headlight factory will never give up the process of aging test, keeping in mind that quality is always in the first position, be a responsible manufacturer!

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