Original D-Series LED Headlight Bulbs

Oct 26,2020    Lilian Carson

Most high-end cars are still using D series HID bulb, for example VW, AUDI, Volvo, BMW and many other cars. Before, it is difficult to upgrade D-HID to D-LED bulbs because of different voltage and wiring. BUT now, with the technology improving, CARSON LED Headlight factory has developed the super high voltage solution for the D-LED bulbs. Make it 400V-2.5V DC, so it can connect to the original ballast, no need to change any wiring, no need any other accessories.

More importantly, it shines much better than HID, brighter, faster and better focus, offering super driving experience. 35W per bulb and up to 4500LM, with CANBUS, suitable for most cars use.

D-LED is a very new and very potential market, many HID cars are waiting to upgrade to LED. So, catch the business chance, contact CARSON LED headlight factory, we accept OEM your logo and brand. D1S LED, D2S LED, D3S LED, D4S LED, D1R LED, D2R LED, D3R LED, D4R LED,are available.

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