Why CARSON-N1 is Most Reliable Comparing with Similar Bulbs?

Mar 2,2021    Lilian Carson

N1 is CARSON LED Headlight factory best selling fanless LED headlight bulbs, we sold to Russia, America, Brazil since 2018. And our customers repeat orders every season because CARSON N1 is very stable quality and it can help customers win long term profit.


But some new customers will ask, why CARSON’s price is higher than other factories? The lamp looks very similar.


Let us explain, we only use good chips, good aluminum, and each lamp we ensure aging test over 3 hours. It looks similar, but many differences.


Part 1—LED Chips

CARSON only use original Korea Seoul Y19 chips or Y20 chips, high lumens, good power, longer life time.  

If use some small brand and small chips like 1616, the cost will be much lower, but also lower lumens.


Part 2—Aluminum

CARSON only use first grade aviation aluminum alloy, and each radiator is solid and thick, the whole lamp feels heavy.

If use cheaper aluminum alloy, and make the radiator thinner, that will help to save a lot cost, but not good at cooling, the lamp will easy burn.


Part 3—Aging Test

CARSON each N1 lamps will pass at least 3 hours aging test, ensure each lamp is in good condition before delivery.

Because N1 is belongs to economical lamps and little profit, many factories not willing to do aging test as it will increase a lot cost.


CARSON LED Headlight factory cannot offer the lowest price, but CARSON can offer you the best quality. We would rather explain for the price for a while than apologize for the quality for a lifetime

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