What is the Best Fan for LED Headlight Bulbs?

Mar 25,2021    Eric Carson

Fan is one of the most important parts of the LED headlight bulbs. If fan stop working, the headlight bulb cannot dissipate heat and it will be burned. There are many different types of bearing of fans? Which type of type is best for LED headlight bulbs? Let us see the pros and cons of different bearings.

Ball Bearing

It adopts the form of rolling friction and adopts two ball bearings. There are several tiny steel balls in the bearing that rotate around the axis, so the friction is small and there is no problem of oil leakage.


Pros: Stronger, longer lifespan(50000hs), wider working temperature range

Cons: High cost, more noise


Hydraulic Bearing

The hydraulic bearing has improved the non-sealed bottom design of the traditional bearing. The bottom of the bearing is completely sealed to form a closed oil-retaining design. Special low-wear and high-temperature resistant grease are used, so it can operate more stably.


Pros& Cons: Low noise, long lifespan(20000-30000hs),reasonable cost


Sleeve Bearing

A sleeve with sliding friction is used, and the blade shaft core uses lubricating oil in the sleeve as a lubricant and drag reducer. It is low noise, but the lubricant volatilizes due to the oil seal for long-term use. You need to open the oil seal and add the lubricant, otherwise the bearing is easy to wear and produce abnormal noise.


Pros: Low cost

Cons: Low noise, short life span(10000hs)

In conclusion, Ball Bearing Fan≥Hydraulic Bearing Fan≥Sleeve Bearing Fan in performance. Carson LED Headlight Factory most high-power lamps are using double ball bearing fan to ensure good cooling and long lifespan, for example M6 LED Headlight, V6 LED Headlight, M20 LED Headlight. 

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