LED Headlight Bulbs Development—Better Focus

Apr 8,2021    Eric Carson

In the beginning, many customers complained LED headlight is not good because the light no focus, it is glare and easy to blind the oncoming cars. That is true, because in the initial stage, the technology is still not mature, and all LED headlight bulbs in the market are using single side copper substrate. 2 pcs of single side copper substate with LED chips fix on the aluminum body, then the spacing of the LED chips usually is over 2.8mm. For example, C6 LED headlight, S2 LED headlight, S1 LED headlight, all these old bulbs are with single side copper substrate.

 Later, with the research and development, we found that the thinner of the spacing of the LED chips, the better focus. Therefore, we start to use double-sided laminated copper substrate, which can be 2mm, 1.5mm, 1mm and now even 0.8mm. With the narrower spacing, now the new LED headlight bulbs have better lighting and perfect cut off. Customers feedback well after using those new LED headlight bulbs. For example, CARSON M5 LED Headlight, CARSON M6 LED Headlight, CARSON M20 LED Headlight, all these new bulbs are with double-sided laminated copper substrate, quality very good.

 Maybe you will ask, double-sided laminated copper substrate is such good thing, why now not all LED headlight bulbs use it? Some new bulbs still using the single side copper substate. Because of the cost! Double-sided laminated copper substrate is more expensive than single side copper substate, the materials and structure is different, the finished bulbs will be more expensive if with double-sided laminated copper substrate. So, not only compare the power and the price, the structure and the design of the LED headlight bulbs are also very important. Welcome to contact CARSON LED headlight factory, we would love to share you with more industry technology and latest information.


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