Carson CS9-Three Reflectors Bi LED Lens

Sep 3,2023    Ella

Have you heard of Three Reflectors Design in LED lens? Would you like to try something new and different to help you find more market opportunities?

So far, there are still very few 3 chips lens designs on the market, so we highly recommend you our latest design Carson CS9 Bi LED LENS, which is one of the best 3 chips lens model.


Carson CS9 Bi LED LENS features 3 reflectors design, 9+1+1 OSRAM LED.

For the cooling system, we use copper fins and intelligent fan.

With strong cooling system, Carson CS9 Bi LED LENS ensures high power but stable performance. 65W low beam, 75W high beam!

For the lighting pattern. Low beam, very clear cutting off, very wide and even. High beam, the middle part is extremely bright, which means it will go very far when driving on the road.

Lux test at 5 meters, low beam is 9,400LUX, high beam is 11,100LUX, brighter than laser!


Above is the introduction of the CS9 Bi LED lens. It's pretty cool, right? If you like the latest design CS9, welcome to contact our sales team.


We have the latest LED headlights and lenses and sell directly from our factory, with guaranteed quality and highly competitive prices. Hope to be your business partner in China!


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